The Importance of Showering Before Swimming and of Regular Pool Cleaning

Showering before swimming is important for keeping pool water clean, but many people don’t bother with this step. Ideally, everyone who gets into a swimming pool would be thoroughly clean, but that’s not feasible for most families. Pool Cleaning and Repair Services provide extra assistance beyond the basic sanitation their customers handle regularly.

Unwanted Substances

When people get into a pool without cleaning themselves off first, they bring an array of unwanted substances along. Some of those may include residue from:

antiperspirant or deodorant
perfume and cologne
sunscreen and tanning oil
hair conditioner
normal body and hair oil
everyday dirt

When impurities in the water react with chlorine, strong odors can result. The aroma is characteristic of community swimming pools with lots of kids hanging out. People tend to think the smell is from chlorine alone, but it’s from the combination. That aroma can be prevented by keeping the water as clean as possible.

Unpleasant Possibilities

For obvious reasons, it’s especially important to clean around the lower part of the torso before getting into the water. Doing so can prevent disease. Chlorine is extremely effective at doing its intended job, but when enough of it binds to toxins to neutralize them, eventually there isn’t enough of the chemical available in the water. That’s one reason why routinely checking the chemical levels is crucial.

Although it’s unpleasant to think about, when a lot of little children use a swimming pool, it’s almost inevitable that at least one of them will use the pool as a toilet. Nobody wants to contemplate this possibility, but checking and adjusting chemicals in the water should always be done after pool parties with kids. It should be done frequently if the family’s kids and their friends and cousins spend a lot of time in the pool.

Routine Pool Cleaning

Routine pool cleaning is particularly advisable if a lot of people swim in the pool on a regular basis. The cleaner they are, the less time and money the pool owner has to spend adjusting pool chemicals to keep the water sanitized. Professional cleaning, chemical monitoring and testing, and adjustment of chemicals can be done by technicians from a company such as BENchmark Pool Services.

All the recommended steps involved in caring for a swimming pool can be a lot for a busy family to handle. If they’d rather hire professional technicians to do the job, they can find out more about one particular company at


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